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Material Option
Material Option

Zinc alloy.

Material feature:
Density: 6.8×1000 kg/m3 
Specialty: low melting point: approximate 385°C

Suitable for: products that need to be light in weight,products in complicated structure like solid shape, many cut-out,large dimension, or with meticulous relief.



Material feature:
Density: 7.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: High grade of hardness; ferromagnetic,

Suitable for: cheap products like pins, functional products like bottle opener, ferromagnetic products like golf hat clip and ball



Material feature:
Density: 8.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: copper alloy, high grade of elasticity, strong corrosion resistance

Suitable for: high class products, heavy hand feel products, thick and stretchy products like book markers.
Classic products: cufflinks, challenge coins, name badges, medals,etc



Material feature:
Density: 8.9×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: pure copper, relative soft,

Suitable for: thick coin, hard enamel(cloisonn) products


Stainless Steel.

Material feature:
Density: 7.92~ 7.98×1000 kg/m3
Specialty: Hard and heavy,stable in the air, no oxidation or rusting.

Suitable for: High polishing products, elegant products need wire-brushed effect. And many silk-screen,etching products requests for stainless steel
Classic products: cufflinks, bottle openers, etched name tags,etc

Stainless Iron
Suitable for:  elegant products need wire-brushed effect, off-set products,etched products
Classic products: off-set pins, off-set key rings( with epoxy coating)


Material feature: Very Light
Classic products: silk-screen key chains, etched labels, keyring bottle openers, etc